If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please see our submission guidelines before contacting us.

FAQs about Publication/Submission

Do I have to be an LCCC student to submit?

No. While the publication is produced by students at LCCC, we are open to submissions from writers, musicians, and artists from across the world.  Our mission is to publish outstanding, original literature, music, and visual art that captures the unique cultures of the West, while also featuring fresh, modern perspectives and ideas from across the nation. 

How old do I have to be to submit?

There is no age restriction to submit to our publication. All submissions are measured against the same criteria for publication, regardless of who (or how old) the author/artist may be.

Does it cost anything to submit?

It is free to submit your work to HPR.

Can LCCC employees submit their work?

Yes. All submissions are measured against the same criteria for publication, regardless of who the author/artist may be.

Can I submit if I’m friends or family with someone on the HPR staff?

Yes. We use a blind submission process, which means that the author/artist’s name is not revealed to the staff until after the work has been accepted or rejected for publication. While it is still possible for a staff member to recognize someone’s work, regardless of the blind status, our selection progress is multistage, and all final acceptance/rejection decisions are made by committee consensus. This means that no one staff member is allowed to determine whether or not a piece is published.

How long will it take to hear back from you after I submit?

Due to our small student staff (typically varying from 3-10 people), and to the nature of an academic school year with breaks between semesters, it takes a full year for us to complete publication of each issue of HPR. Our staff reviews submissions and make publication decisions each year between January and June. This means that, depending on when you submit, it could take up to a year to receive notice of acceptance/rejection.

Is there a limit to the number of pieces I can submit?

Each genre has its own rules regarding number of pieces and/or page length. Please refer to submission guidelines provided for each genre.

Can I submit work in more than one genre?

Yes. While each genre has its own rules regarding number of pieces and/or page length, you are welcome to submit work to multiple genres at the same time.

Do you have restrictions for submissions concerning content or language?

There are no restrictions on form or content of any work submitted to HPR.

Do I have to include a cover letter with my submission?

You do not need to include a cover letter for submissions via Submittable, so it is fine to leave the “cover letter” field blank.

Can I submit something that has already appeared in another publication?

No. We only consider previously unpublished work. We retain First North American Serial Rights for any piece we publish, which means our publication will be the first in North America to publish the work.

Can I submit something I’ve published on a personal website?

While it depends on the nature of the website and publication, generally it is okay to submit something that has been published on a personal page or blog. Please note this in your cover letter.

Can I submit something to HPR if I’ve also submitted it to other publications?

Yes. We accept simultaneous submissions, as long as the author/artist notifies us immediately and/or withdraws the submission from consideration by HPR if it has been accepted by another publication.

Can I publish a piece elsewhere after it has been published in HPR?

Yes. We retain First North American Serial Rights for any piece we publish, which means our publication will be the first in North America to publish the work. All other publication rights revert to the author/artist upon publication in our journal.

What is Submittable?

Submittable is the secure online submission database that HPR uses to easily manage submissions for our staff. It is a system used by over 9,000 different organizations and publications (National Geographic, Stanford University, The New Yorker, to name a few). Individuals who submit to different organizations via Submittable are also able to use the system to record and monitor the progress of their own submissions. Submitter information is never shared outside of the organizations to which they have submitted.

Does it cost anything to sign up for Submittable?

You can create a free individual account in order to submit work to a publication or organization; Submittable profits only from charging organizations like HPR a fee to manage and store submissions for them.

Why do I have to create a Submittable account?

HPR subscribes to Submittable services to help us manage and store all submissions to the journal; the system also helps our staff streamline the process of contacting submitters regarding and notifying of acceptance/rejection for publication.  Submittable requires all individual users (submitters) to create a free account; the only information you are required to provide for the account is your name and an email address.

Do I have to submit my work electronically/online?

Yes. If you want your work considered for publication, it must be submitted via Submittable, our online submission manager. Aside from saving millions of trees, this electronic system ensures a blind submission process, helps  us manage and track our submissions in the most efficient way possible, and significantly reduces any possibility of lost material.

Can I email you my submission?

No. Due to the nature of our blind submission process, HPR only accepts electronic submissions via Submittable, our online submission manager.

How do I withdraw my submission?

Work submitted online via Submittable can be withdrawn by logging into your Submittable account and viewing your active submissions. Click “withdraw” for the submission you would like to withdraw from consideration for publication in HPR.

If a piece of mine doesn’t get accepted this year, can I submit it again next year?

You are welcome to resubmit work that was previously passed over for publication.  We do encourage you to consider revising those pieces and/or taking into serious consideration any feedback we may have provided with the rejection notification; however, it is also important to keep in mind that our staff changes each year–sometimes each semester–which means our collective taste also changes, and it is possible that one staff will decide to publish the same piece that in previous years another decided against.

If my work is published in HPR, will I be paid for it?

There is no monetary compensation. All contributors receive a free copy of the issue in which their work appears.

Will you use my work in any way other than publishing it in the journal?

We may use an excerpt or image from a contributor for promotional purposes (advertisements, social media posts).  HPR will never create, distribute, or sell items that feature work from contributors outside of the original issue/publication.

Other FAQs

How often do you publish an issue of HPR?

HPR is an annual print publication, distributed each fall. The full content of some past issues is available for free on our website.

What do you look for when deciding what to publish?

In short, we look for work that not only demonstrates exemplary technical craft in its respective genre but that also evokes significant response from readers/viewers. The best work, for us, is work that we want to visit and consider/experience again and again. Beyond those criteria, our aesthetic is not fixed; our staff changes each year–sometimes each semester–which means our collective taste also changes.

How can I purchase a copy of HPR?

Copies can be purchased from our store or in person at any High Plains Register event or information table.

Does HPR or LCCC profit from selling copies of the journal?

Any revenue from sales of the journal or other HPR merchandise is used primarily to fund free events for campus and community (such as our annual National Poetry Month open mic), HPR student/staff need (scholarships, supplies, etc.), and student/staff educational experiences.