Laramie County Community College is hosting Substance Abuse Awareness Week starting on Monday, 23 October. It’s easy to think that this doesn’t apply to you, and besides midterms are coming up and you have to study. But with 23 million Americans addicted to alcohol or various drugs, this is an event that is important to us all. There are few of us who aren’t either addicted ourselves, or know someone, maybe someone close who’s addicted. This is an event that we need to care about and share.

On Wednesday, October, 25, High Plains Register, LCCC’s literary an arts journal, along with the Campus Activities Board, are co-sponsoring a literary reading called Watch My Rising. LCCC students, staff, and faculty will be reading from the book of the same name.

The event will be held in the college’s student lounge from 11 A.M. until 1 P.M., and refreshments will be provided. Watch my Rising is a collection of stories and poems about recovery from addiction and alcoholism edited by local author, Lynn Carlson. The book (available on Amazon:, with over two dozen contributors from across the country, chronicles the long road that recovery is, both from the perspective of the recovering addict, and the companions that accompany them on the road.

Proceeds from sales of the anthology all go to Recover Wyoming, an organization in Cheyenne, WY, dedicated to helping addiction victims find, as they say on their website, “the Fourth Outcome.” They go on to say, “Addiction, left untreated, has only three outcomes — jail, institution or death. There is an alternative, a fourth outcome that Recover Wyoming actively promotes — long-term recovery.”

The High Plains Register feels that this is one of the most important events to be held on campus this year, and many of our own staff members will be on hand to give readings and support this cause.

These are stories you need to hear (or read). Too often our idea of addiction recovery is reading that a celebrity has gone back to rehab for the Nth time.

In a review of the Watch My Rising anthology, S. F. Griffin says “Media are full of news about our nation’s addiction crisis, but rarely are we allowed insight into the experiences of those struggling with addiction or those who love them. “Watch My Rising,” an anthology of stories and poems written by people who have found recovery or loved ones who have fought the battle alongside them, brings us into the heart of the crisis by vividly showing what it feels like. Writers from an astonishing variety of perspectives and from many different backgrounds use different means to pull us into their experiences in ways that are both unique and universal. The respectable middle-class mother dealing with a teenage daughter’s drug addition, a transgender Native American struggling for self-understanding and expression, and an African-American woman who seeks to help fellow recoverees by sharing her mystical vision — all are human beings who have experienced pain, despair, and at times hopelessness, but who have persisted. I’m not generally one to read poetry, but the poems here are especially powerful and accessible. This book is essential reading for everyone today.”

This is the real recovery.

Please plan to attend the Watch My Rising reading Wednesday, October 25, 2017, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the LCCC Student Lounge.

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